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Она печет очень вкусные блины, я думаю, раньше я таких не ела. Boys were wearing navy suits and white shirts. Этот сонет посвящен моей бабушке! А ещё я поливаю цветы, мою посуду и убираю её квартиру. I want to wish her health. The main part of the uniform was a red pioneer scarf.

A great theme to discuss! Старый морской волк был рад, ведь ему предстояло отчалить в долгое плавание. If I have problems now, she always gives advice. Every morning my grandmother and her classmates were lined up in the hallway and did exercises.

She never lies and looks straight to my eyes. We have a lot of fun together and never argue because of silly things.


Like this I want you always be! Я люблю мою семью, особенно бабушку.

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Когда я была маленькой-она была моей няней. Если у меня есть проблемы-она даст совет. Бабушка никогда не лжет и смотрит прямо в. Нам всегда весело вместе, мы не ссоримся из-за глупостей. Only in the middle school my grandmother got a pen with the ink inside.

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When they were having different celebrations they would always use a pioneer drum and a horn. My grandmother especially liked when she got to meet different famous people in the auditorium and, of course, dancing that they had sometimes. She says I should appreciate every moment I spend with my teachers and classmates because when I grow up these memories are going to be the most precious for me.

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Моя бабушка очень любит вспоминать свое школьное время. I love my grandparents very much.

Мои дедушка и бабушка живут в деревне. Они не работают. I have got a grandma.

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Her name is Yulia Alexandrovna. She is a pensioner.

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My granny is very kind but strict. She lives in our small town and I visit her every day.

Катание на лыжах её хобби. A good job done!

Often we have lunch together. My granny can cook very well; I like her pies with meat.


Sometimes I help her to cook. Also I water flowers, do the washing up and clean her flat. Usually I and my granny play games: draughts, chess, and domino.

My grandparents — Мои дедушка и бабушка

She likes to listen to me when I learn poems by heart. In the evenings we like to talk about everything.

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  • Every morning my grandmother and her classmates were lined up in the hallway and did exercises.
  • Этот сонет посвящен моей бабушке!

I love my grandma very much. My granny lives in another city, but I often come to visit her. She also visits us sometimes and always brings me many nice gifts.

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My granny knows a lot of fairy tales and interesting stories. Granny can cook very well, and she bakes pies or fry pancakes for me. I try to take care of my grandmother.